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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Rian Harris


Rian had his first studio practice in 2006, which was bikram yoga.  He tried it for a few weeks, “…and it was cool, but it didn’t quite fit what I was looking for.”

Rian completed teacher training in the summer of 2010 and says the experience was amazing. He gained a deeper insight into himself and his practice, and now he gets to share more of himself not only as a student, but also as a teacher. Rian fell in love with this practice because it always provides an opportunity to experience the biggest and brightest parts of himself.

Rian teaches kids yoga, and gives group and private yoga instruction as well. Rian instructs classes that create space for you to experience your inner teacher, for you to cultivate a healthy and mindful practice, and for you to be content with where you are on your path.

When Rian is not on practicing on his mat, he is channeling yoga into other areas of his life.  He is creating living food, and guiding others through the philosophy and art of organic living food preparation.

Yoga is such an integral part of the healthy lifestyle that he has embraced. Yoga has infused me with a greater sense of alignment, wellness, mindfulness, and gratitude.

“My practice is about sharing myself fully, authentically, and courageously through yoga.”


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