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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Tanner Bazemore

Owner, Lead Teacher


Rising sign: Sagittarius
Sun sign: Sagittarius
Moon sign: Sagittarius

Tanner Bazemore is the owner of Y2 Yoga and the creator of the signature style of power yoga that is taught at Y2. A 15-year veteran of the fitness industry, Tanner became a certified personal trainer in 2002 after experiencing the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

A long-time member of Weight Watchers, Tanner struggled with weight issues until the end of his first year of college. He lost over 30 pounds thanks to the encouragement of a friend who got him “hooked” on exercise. In a twist of irony, Tanner later ended up personal training the pediatrician who initially recommended he join Weight Watchers program.

In 2005, one of Tanner’s clients invited him to a yoga class at Charlotte Yoga. As someone who loves the study of anatomy, alignment and human movement, yoga seemed to be the missing link in his physical exercise routine.

Tanner completed his 200-hour power yoga teacher training with Grace Morales at Charlotte Yoga in 2008. Tanner has also completed Thai Massage Practitioner Training with Saul David Raye.

Tanner opened the doors of Y2 Yoga in September 2009 in a 2,300 square foot studio. After three years of exponential growth Y2 was bursting at the seams. Tanner decided to embark on a plan to expand Y2 Yoga with the intention of providing our students, teachers and community the best yoga experience possible in a totally unprecedented concept combining yoga, a restaurant and a spa all under one roof.

After a two-year renovation project, Tanner moved Y2 Yoga into a 12,000 square foot space in February 2015 that’s right next door to the original studio. The new Y2 Yoga is also home to Namastay Kitchen & Hangout and the Savasana Spa and Oasis.

You’ll see Tanner at the studio doing everything from teaching hot class to painting walls to helping out with serving tables in the restaurant. He’s an entrepreneur in every sense of the word and extremely driven to see his vision for Y2 Yoga come to life.

You’ll also quickly learn that Tanner is an optimist who doesn’t take anything too seriously, including himself. He has knack for offering comedic relief at just the right moment in his classes. He’ll never cease to surprise you with both the challenging classes he teaches and the stories/messages he shares in them.

It’s Tanner’s goal to teach yoga that is relevant, relatable and approachable in an environment where everyone is celebrated for showing up exactly as they are.

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