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The Space In Between

November 26, 2015 Posted by Jen Eddins Blog

Life is often marked, even measured, by the big moments. Big moments like a milestone birthday or the day the baby started to walk. Days dedicated to a collective celebration and even the ones that are personal remembrances. The next vacation or the day we close on a new home.  The feeling of anticipation and excitement propels us forward and feels very energizing. On our mat, we have big moments, too. Working on a forearm balance or floating into handstand.  Some days it is just nailing half moon!

One (of a bazillion) breakthroughs on my mat came when I realized I could stop focusing on the next pose and instead pay attention to the time in transition.  The movement and flow, even in those challenging boat to canoe and back to boat (and then back to canoe….endless!) can be as beautiful as nailing the pose itself.  In class this past week Terri reminded us of the gifts in the transition.  The moments of grace.  The spaces in between.


Thanksgiving is a BIG moment.  The upcoming holiday season has a lot of big moments. Food to make and share, parties to attend, gifts to buy.  It is very easy to lose all the space in between, the transition time when we have opportunities to find our grace.  We have choices – we can slow down, work on embracing quiet moments and focus our attention on being present.  Life happens in the space between the moments.

I wish all of you a magnificent Thanksgiving – a wonderful big moment to celebrate.  I know for me I am going to look for the transition time and be thankful for each opportunity in those spaces to be present and to connect to the moment at hand (even if I am standing over a sink full of dishes!). I am very thankful for the yoga practice at Y2 that allows me to be aware of the choice of finding grace in the spaces in between.



Want to share your story?  Heard or saw something amazing today?  Dying for an answer to a yoga question?

I would absolutely LOVE to hear from you.  While I have a lot of yoga Kool-Aid in me, my well can always use a bit of refreshing.  We can even make this anonymous if you aren’t into the whole fame thing….something I clearly do not  have a problem with.  Let’s chat about it!  [email protected] or just grab me at the studio!  (I’ll be the one with my notebook by my mat so I don’t miss a single bit of magic to pass along to you.)

About Jen Eddins

Jen Eddins is the marketing director for Y2 Yoga, Namastay Kitchen and Savasana Spa & Oasis and a lead teacher for Y2 Yoga. She loves handstands, golden retrievers and spending time in the kitchen.