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The Ultimate Guide to Y2 Yoga

July 30, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Yoga in itself is tricky, complicated, sweaty, and yet, amazing. Yoga here at Y2, is all that greatness on steroids. Ask any student here about what it felt like to walk through the Y2 doors their first time. We aren’t lying, it’s like walking through the pearly gates of heaven. You’re greeted with a free rental mat, mat towel, big locker rooms, and then, once you roll out your mat, the teacher walks in wearing a Britney Spears mic headset and puts you in child’s pose.


When you start practicing here regularly, you can easily find your groove, before you know it you’re nailing all your mountain climbers, crow poses, and handstand hops (on occasion). However, finding your groove is somewhat easy, staying in it maybe not so easy. That’s why we’ve created a simple 5 step guide so you can continue to rise to the occasion every time you sign up for class.


  • Step One: Stop giving a f*ck. Just stop. No one cares if you leave the room. No one cares when you faceplant from trying out crow pose. We don’t care if you swallow your water down the wrong pipe, and have to cough 5 million times to fix it. I mean sure, we hope you’re okay. But don’t hold back those bronchitis-like coughs to save face. And we really couldn’t care less when you try that inversion for the first time, flail around and fall over. So please, do yourself a favor and leave the room when you want, try new things when you want. This is a judgement free zone so don’t hold yourself back.
  • Step Two: Don’t limit yourself to one class/teacher. We knowwww, you have your favorite and you like consistency. GOOD. Routines are great. BUT sometimes, mix it up, add something new to the mix once in a while. Haven’t tried a non-heated class yet, we have tons. Scared to try Ashtanga? Like Nike, just f*ckin’ do it. Have you been ONLY taking Dorie and Johnna’s classes, and you’re scared to work up the courage and take Tanner’s Double Shot class? Take a deep breath in, throw your arms up in the air like you just don’t care, and do it. Routine is key, but change and new challenges will help you grow.
  • Step Three: Take Hydration Seriously. Yes, dumb one. BUT, very important, so we are putting it in (that’s what she said). Hydration is super important because yoga makes you sweat. Especially a Y2 sequenced class. We have water up front, two water fountains, and an ice/water machine. We also sell Ultima packets out front to up your electrolyte intake.
  • Step Four: Invest in Your Yoga Shit. Get comfortable yoga clothes that feel good to move it. Pick out a mat you like so you can move comfortably. Get a yoga towel…. we see you accidentally sliding into splits from wide leg forward fold… just get a good mat and a towel!!! Investing in good gear is investing in a good practice. Trust us.
  • Step Five: When Johnna Messages, Listen. Sometimes, teachers will start to go on and on about some ridiculous message like how home is where the heart is and your heart is your home. However some teachers, are wise. They can get real, fast. Johnna is one of them. We have lots and lots of teachers who know what they’re talking about, and when they speak you should listen to what they have to say, but there’s one person you should never drown out. She has amazing advice, messages, and a wise soul. Now go young grasshopper, be great.


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