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[title color=”#0a0a0a”]Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Do Y2 Teacher Training:[/title]

1.There will NEVER be a “perfect” time!Time-m

Putting it off is just that: PUTTING IT OFF!  If you have considered doing teacher training in the past but, year after year, you let another training pass you by then YOU need to take action now! Here is a little secret about others that have taken our trainings in the past…they all had lives too, many of them BUSY lives with jobs and family, but they just figured it out and SO CAN YOU!


SERIOUSLY! Imagine something that puts you in a COMPLETELY different environment with people you didn’t know, talking and learning about new ideas and concepts that are foreign to you but that give you a whole NEW perspective on life and what it’s all about! Combine with that the life long friends you will make, skills you will learn and personal self-confidence you will gain!

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3. Johnna, Tanner, and Jen

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Y2 Yoga TeacherTanner Bazemore, Y2 Yoga Teacher in Charlotte, NC.Jennifer Decurtins, Yoga Teacher at Y2 Yoga in Charlotte, NC

It’s unfair really, we are like the ULTIMATE package! Combined we have over 40 years of experience in the fitness and yoga industry.

Johnna brings with her the wisdom of the various esoteric ideas and concepts that yoga teaches through the Yoga Sutras and other sources as well as her rich well of experience traveling all over the world to study and train with other teachers and gurus.

Tanner is passionate about the human body and what makes it tick and has spent his entire professional career helping people improve their physical health and to get stronger mentally and physically. (He also brings a lot of laughs to the training.)

Jen is a personal trainer, yoga instructor, published author and professional health and fitness blogger whose work is read by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people each month! In 2015 she wrote a book on yoga, The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions.

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3. It will TRANSFORM your practice!

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Are you stuck in your practice, or would love to just take a flying leap forward? Part of our teacher training curriculum is learning ashtanga in addition to the power yoga we practice at Y2. Ashtanga provides a powerful way to strengthen your practice. Bonus: every weekend during teacher training you will receive personal attention from us. There is no time like this in a normal class setting for you as a student to have all of the questions answered that you may have, but that is EXACTLY what we do in our training! Get UNSTUCK![/column][column size=”col-4″]

4. You DON’T have to want to teach yoga!

IMG_4900ef-1Most students are not in a teacher training because they want to teach, but because they want to LEARN, and LEARN you will! With that said, MOST of our trainees do end up teaching in some capacity after they leave…even if they never imagined they would going into the training.

There is so much power behind knowing how to teach and having the skill set to change and uplift other peoples lives. Past graduates have taught to people in the park, kids at schools and even just to friends and family that may have low back pain that they were able show how to gain some relief. No mater the case, our trainees leave feeling inspired about what they know and what they can offer![/column][column size=”col-4″]

5. You deserve to be a LIGHT  to yourself and to others!

ab89b6122d87c61ac26200615eec2f68People wake up and go about their daily lives on auto-pilot! They eat the same breakfast, take the same route to work, watch the same tv shows and take the same vacations. Most people just exist, they DON’T live!

You deserve to take the time out of your routined life and to take a step back to see if what you are doing is truly fulfilling or limiting the passion you feel in life! What’s better is that by making the decision TODAY to take charge, you will create a domino effect on the lives of those around you! They will see you make a change and it unconsciously gives them permission to question whether they too need to make a change, or if that’s even allowed![/column]

So what are you waiting for?!?


Need even more reasons? Check out these testimonials:

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