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VOTE One Inhale two Exhale because it counts

October 2, 2020 Posted by tanner Blog


That thing you got the right to do when you turned 18 years old, were thankful for the middle of the weekday off, but really had no idea what to do with.
Fast forward in life and you have learned a thing or two and voting really matters to you (or should).
As a U.S. Citizen, this is a sacred right that we fought long and hard to earn and should exercise.

As a Y2 yogi, we practice with awareness, connection, participation, and the perseverance towards constant and never-ending improvement… and that’s also our civic duty.

Yes, it’s true, we come to a yoga class to get away from the work stress, family struggles, and the politics that are flooding our life and our social media feed. #yourkillingusZuckerberg

It doesn’t matter what side you are on (yes it does…just kidding), the time on our mat is our safe place, one that allows us to heal, to connect with a diverse community, and to get stronger. Besides, remember this:

“Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one but they think each other’s stink.”
― Simone Elkeles

Accepting that others may have different views but showing them compassion and love anyways makes you a stronger person. #bekind #karmaisonlyabitchifyouare

Part of getting stronger at Y2 is developing “santosha“, one of 5 niyamas in the sutras (yeah, we read it), which translates to mean contentment. It is easy to be happy and joyful when things are going your way, but developing the strength to find contentment when things are not is a powerful muscle that unfortunately we do not spend a lot of time working on and this leads to suffering.

This strength allows us to navigate through life and confront what is ahead of us and not deny reality. #itiswhatitis #thriveanyways

Y2 Yoga on Strength

Yoga, in particular Y2 yoga, gives us unique clarity to be more present in the moment and to be a little more un-mess-able with.  But, to be a yogi and not show up on your mat and practice is like being a U.S. Citizen and NOT showing up to vote. Showing up is part of the practice!

That’s why we are calling on all yogis to do your job and go and VOTE.

Show up for your country!

Ps. We’re open, so show up for your practice too! 😉

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