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274 S Sharon Amity Rd Suite 1, Charlotte, NC

Welcome to Y2 Yoga! We’re so glad you are here! Our New Student Resource Center is designed to help you have the best experience possible at Y2 as a new student. We’ve got everything from a guide to choosing the right class for you to yoga pose 101 videos to FAQs and more.

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” – Krisnamacharya

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The biggest piece of advice we can offer is just to start. We know the intimidation factor of walking through the doors and rolling your mat out for the first time can be overwhelming but we are so chill, relaxed and welcoming here. We don’t take yoga or ourselves too seriously. We’re on a mission to help people feel better and to have a positive impact on our student’s lives, one breath at a time. It’s not about fancy yoga poses or handstands or being flexible…it’s about breathing. If you’re in the room and you’re breathing, you’re doing the practice. We are a like a big family here and you will be wrapped up in love and support every time you walk in the doors. Arrive exactly as you are.

The yoga we teach isn’t “easy” (with the exception of our super relaxing LSD classes) but it’s for a good reason. We believe that how we react to the challenges on our mat impacts how we react to life’s challenges off of our mat.

To put it another way: if we can PRACTICE patience, stability, strength, flexibility and inner peace when things get REALLY HARD and be okay with it on our mats, we will start to be okay with it off of our mats in our daily lives. Being able to do the postures has NOTHING to do with it, what comes up when you are challenged with the pose DOES!

Practice yoga and change will happen, PERIOD!


We are for the everyday rebels who let their inner bada** take over, one hour at a time. For the ones who work on whatever challenge awaits them on their mats, who learn to pick themselves up then they fail, and who are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of BETTER. We deliver a multi-dimensional yoga experience with proprietary sequencing, curated soundtracks and state-of-the-art studios to challenge your mind and body.


We promise to deliver a euphoric, sweat dripping, heart thumping, a**-kicking yoga practice that, through a process of creative disruption, leads you to authentic self-realization.


First and foremost, YOU.

Life – it’s too short to be taken seriously.

Authenticity – we don’t do fake.

Non-judgement – come as you are, and let others do the same. Namaste.

Constant, never-ending, improvement.

Capability – you can and will figure it out. You are limitless. We believe in YOU!

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