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Common Mistakes Yogi’s Make!

December 2, 2020 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog



Common mistakes Yogi’s make

Most of us at Y2 Yoga have been practicing for some time and are pretty f**king good, but for those who are just started or even you “experts”, It is always great to go back to basics to make sure you are getting the most from each posture.  Who the hell wants to waste time doing poses incorrectly while you are here!  

Forgetting your core

Don’t ever forget engaging your core.  Yes, there is a lot to remember when doing yoga, but it’s important to keep your core engaged at all times.  Everything stems from the CORE.

Cupping your hands when on the floor

Do not lift your hands when in poses like downward facing dog.  Keep your hands flat.  Lifting your hands can result in wrist injury, which is very a very common injury in yoga.    

Dipping too low in chaturanga

Chaturanga dandasana is a very common pose, especially at Y2 as we flow from pose to pose.  Don’t dip too low as that will result in shoulder injury.l 

Straining your front knee in pigeon

Pigeon pose is such a great stretch for the hips but often we put the front knee parallel to the front of the mat.  While some Yogi’s certainly not everyone can do this.  Don’t do it if this causes pain to the joints.  Protect the knees.

Compressing your lower back in backbends

When doing backbends do not solely focus on the bending part.  It is important that you use your legs and core to strengthen the spine.  This will prevent your from hurting your lower back. 

Resting your foot on your knee in tree pose

Never ever rest your foot on your knee when doing tree pose.  This is the #1 mistake Yogi’s tend to make when practicing.  As a general rule, do not rest any body part on a joint.  This can certainly cause injury to that joint of your foot either above or below the knee.

As always, ask any instructor if something doesn’t feel right!   We got YOU!  Check in with us at https://www.y2yoga.com

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