Yoga Through the Ages: Facts + Fictions with Marcy

What are the oldest postures? Was the Buddha a yogi?  Who named the asana “chair-pose”?  When did yoga reach the US? Which parts of this history are romanticized alternative “facts”?  Join us for a whirlwind tour of texts, teachers, and traditions from 5000+ years ago to the ever-changing modern moment.  You will sort through the (mis/dis)information in yoga’s past and current … Read More

Flight Club Series

Fall is here and we are excited about getting upside down again! Flight Club workshop series is up and ready for booking! Join Sarah and Turkessa for a fun and confidence boosting flight club. This year we’ll be focusing on all types of arm-balances, giving you an inside look at the anatomy of being upside down, the skills and drills … Read More

Move it or lose it with Rian

General description: We will start out with a talk about the active vs. passive range of mobility, and get familiar with some training terminology… CARS, PAILS, RAILS, etc. From there, we will explore and build on our current capacity to move, and see how much more space, freedom, and mobility we can create on a daily basis, and whenever we … Read More

Back-To-School Bootcamp

Wednesday, September 7, 20228:30am to 10:30am – Y2 Cotswold Join Tanner and Sarah for our annual Back-to-School Bootcamp. Sweat your way through two hours of hot flow, body weight exercises and core work. It’s gonna be hot, it’s gonna be tough, and it will get your head right for the school year ahead!!