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Y2 Kids Yoga Introduction

December 17, 2018 Posted by tanner Blog

Kids yoga in Charlotte, NC is taking off in a terrific direction and we’re proud to be a part of this community. We’re excited to introduce three of our kids yoga teachers now, and in two weeks time introduce the rest of the team in a second blog. Our kids yoga classes always coincide with an adult yoga class, giving the whole family time on their mats! Please join us and thank you for the opportunity to teach your children.

Elizabeth manages Y2 Kids Yoga and was hooked after she took her first Y2 class in September 2015. Within a few weeks, she knew she was a yogi for life. Initially driven to yoga for the physical benefits of relieving back pain, she quickly realized yoga was the answer to so much more.  For her, her yoga practice is a spiritual experience as well has a fun, playful, beautiful challenge on and off her mat.

Having seen the mental, physical and spiritual affects yoga has had on her life, she became passionate about sharing this with children.  As a mother of three kids, she knows children well. Combining her love of children and yoga is a dream come true for her. As a Kidding Around Yoga Certified Teacher, Elizabeth teaches yoga in a thoughtful, kid-friendly way.  Her students receive creative instruction in meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices, relaxation, traditional and partner yoga poses, yoga games and activities.

Wendy has been a kid’s yoga teacher at Y2 Yoga since the kids program inception. She’s been working with children for over 20 years. Combining her love of yoga and teaching kids was a natural union. Her yoga practice began when she lived next door to the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco. Although the convenience led her there it was the challenge, intrigue and expansiveness of yoga that keep her coming back. For 15 years Wendy has been maintaining a steady practice experimenting with various aspects and styles of yoga.

Wendy’s experience with children as an educator and elementary school counselor lends itself to teaching children the body awareness and calming techniques yoga offers.  Her training with the local Twist Kids Yoga gave her the tools to create fun and focuses classes. She loves to incorporate a mix of light heartedness and play with integrity and knowledge. Her hope is that kids take the skills they learn on their mat with them throughout life.

Stephanie is a preschool teacher and kids yoga instructor at Covenant Presbyterian Church Preschool. She has a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate through Yoga Shala  and 95 hour Kids Yoga Certificate through Twist Kids Yoga.

She has completed Twist Kids Yoga program and two modules in Grounded Kids Yoga program. Stephanie loves teaching kids yoga and helping children learn the tools to control their emotions, be aware of their body, and to recognize their own unique self. She does this through teaching mindful breathing and yoga postures as well as yoga games and music.

Notable upcoming events:

Kids NYE Celebration
*This coordinates with the last adult yoga class on NYE
Monday December 31, 430-530PM
Ages 5+
Students will reflect on what 2018 brought and taught them with a unique craft, flow to let it go and set intentions for 2019, including the creation of a vision board.

Kids Beginner Handstands
*This coordinates with Carson Calhoun’s handstand workshop
Sunday February 10, 11A-1P
Ages 5+
Students will explore the idea of ‘perspective’, learn the building blocks of handstands, flow for grounding and stability, play with handstands and practice assisting their friends.

Check out our new Kids Yoga page and stay tuned right here for updates!

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