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Yes, you do have time for Advanced Yoga Studies!

April 1, 2021 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

“You will never find time for anything.  If you want time you must make it.” – Charles Buxton

Yes, life is busy but we do have more time throughout the day than we think we do. Time management can be a difficult challenge, but what is more difficult is choosing what is important and worth adding to your schedule.  Regardless of how busy you are, if there is something that matters to you, you will make the time.  So, have you been thinking about enrolling in a 200 Hour Advanced Yoga Studies and don’t think you have time to do it? Well, guess what you do….and You don’t have to take time off of work to take a Yoga Teacher Training.

Can you believe that? Trust us, the process of going through teacher training is a lot. You grow in your practice, and you grow as a person. We even have people who take our Advanced Yoga Studies that aren’t even taking the training to become teachers. They are taking it to better themselves. If you had to quit your job, or take time off of work just to take an advanced yoga course, we wouldn’t have that many yoga teachers or teacher training graduates. Here is a testimonial of one of our 2019 graduates, Annie Hayes.

“Enrolling at the Y2 200 hr Teacher Training was one of the best decisions of my life. I was so hesitant to embark on this in my 50’s, but Tanner, Johnna, my fellow classmates, the staff and students at Y2 were so kind and supportive, I felt completely at ease. You can tell they truly care and this is not just a “yoga school.” Being a “TT” was hard work but also loaded with fun. The experience enriched my life in countless ways from a much needed deep refinement of my practice, a richer understanding of yogic philosophy and Ayurvedic life style, self-awareness and confidence, a big beautiful new group of amazing friends/mentors and a brand new exciting career of teaching yoga. Now as a teacher, my students enjoy hearing tidbits and lessons from my training days at Y2. Johnna is a complete gem. She is such a rare wise soul. Under her capable leadership our whole class was able to achieve beautiful and deep personal growth. I was nervous to dive in, but the rewards of this program have and continue to affect me and my family in the most positive way. My oldest son was so impressed with the training and the studio that he immediately enrolled in the training following mine. He also benefited greatly. I highly recommend this for anyone regardless of age, level of practice or their desire to ultimately teach. You will forever cherish the time spent in this life-changing training.”

The most effective way to manage your time correctly, whether you work full time or stay at home full time and still happily pursue other goals, is to stop thinking about it so much and just go for it.

Shut Up & Flow into Advanced Yoga Studies!

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