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Yoga (MAT)ters

May 8, 2019 Posted by Trish Rohr Blog

Here at Y2 we are crazy (in the good way) about yoga.  We show up, do the work, and let the yoga do the rest. We like our music loud, our people authentic, and our yoga gear top notch.  Speaking of gear, let’s start with the most important piece and really the only thing you need. Your. Yoga. Mat.

Your yoga mat is where the magic happens.  It is literally the foundation of your practice.  It is your space & your home when you are here with us.  It is supportive and protective, and it keeps you from slipping and sliding all over the place.  And it never EVER complains when you sweat all over it. That is super important because we like to sweat all our shit out.

Investing in a superior yoga mat is kinda a no-brainer.  Lucky for you, we did the hard work for you and found the BEST mat for our Y2 yogis.  No one does yoga mats and towels quite like Manduka. There are other choices, of course,  but in our experience every other mat we have seen students bring in either soaks up every drop of like a sponge (and that stinks – literally), deteriorates after a handful of practices, or is as slippery as a surfboard lathered in coconut oil. These mats are the perfect match for the Y2 yogi – the yin to our yang.

“We show up. In our products, our practice, and our community.” – Manduka.com

So why make the investment in a Manduka mat?

It was designed by a yogi for other yogis. We dig that.  It handles our heat like a pro – the firm grip never disappoints no matter how much sweat anyone throws down.  It provides complete support whether we are balancing in crow or stretched out in savasana. It is low maintenance, easy to clean, durable, and simple.  Oh, and they are a kick-ass company that cares about more than the bottom line…. Respect.

Need help deciding which Manduka mat is the right one is right for you?  We carry 2 different, yet perfect, mats. Just ask and we will help you pick your new go to.

manduka pro® yoga mat

This best-selling yoga mat is luxuriously dense for unparalleled comfort and cushioning. With a lifetime guarantee, The Manduka PRO Mat will revolutionize your practice for years to come.

prolite® yoga mat

The PROlite is the perfect solution for people seeking a lightweight yoga mat with superior quality and comfort. The PROlite is a lighter, zero-waste yoga mat — for in the studio, and on the go. The PROlite® will never wear out, guaranteed.



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