w/ Johnna Smith



About Johnna: 

From Charlotte, NC​


Level 1 ParaYoga Instructor

Certified Baptiste Teacher

Certified Level Two Ashtanga

Ayurvedic Wellness Mentor

Vices: Chocolate, Coffee, and REALLY high heeled shoes.


Johnna's studies have been ongoing for the last 25 years. She teaches locally and internationally, connecting people to the powerful and amazing teachings of Tantra (not the sexy kind), Ashtanga, and Power Yoga. "Our divine birthright is Joy." She roots this message within her workshops, master classes, and co-lead advanced yoga studies. Her mission is to awaken people to who they really are through the physical and mental practice of yoga.

About This Workshop

When we come into this world, we have 4 core desires; 4 things we truly need:


There's a part of you that always knows what next step to take- what you truly want (but you've been suppressing that voice since mommy and daddy taught you to when you were 5). However, for so many of us,  there is a bigger part of us that's in the way; that has a louder voice.  Johnna  will help you learn how to turn the volume down, and rediscover your power.


What Will Go Down: This workshop will teach you how to go beyond that loud voice, and hear the voice of your true intuition (*note: if you hear more than one voice,  please contact your primary care physician immediately).  From this 2 hour session, you will use the practices of  asana, inquiry, meditation and Yoga Nidra , to  walk away with a clearer outlook of what's been missing. Most importantly, you leave with a PLAN  (we do not guarantee it's a great plan).  Not just a plan, but steps to create the life you've been waiting for (or at least some steps in the right direction). 

- When:

Sunday, July 14

From 1-3p

- Where: 

Studio 3 (upstairs)

- What to Bring 


Pillow (it's not weird, Trust us) 

Yoga Mat

- What To Expect : 



Small Yoga Practice (you're gonna be fine)

Yoga Nidra (meditative Savasana)

So Much More!