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My 200-Hr Advanced Yoga Experience – In Moments

April 24, 2019 Posted by Mallory Marie Blog

Written by Mallory Marie – Summer 2017 Advanced Yoga Studies Graduate and Y2 Teacher

I was recently asked to write a blog post about my experience in Y2’s 200-Hr Advanced Yoga Studies Program. My first initial thought was “holy woah I could write a novel on all of the things I experienced during those 5 weekends. Where do I even start?” Then I remembered what it was like for me during the decision making process of signing up for training. All I really wanted was someone’s REAL inside look into what this program is all about. Sure I heard it was “life-changing” and a way to “dive deeper into your practice” (which actually are true descriptions of program), but what was it really like? What was the low-down. So, in my own way, I’m going to give you the 411 on what my experience was like through a series of moments that I distinctly remember happening starting from the moment I signed up until the moment it all ended. Get ready cause it’s about to go down.

Moment 1: I make my deposit. I get this weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’s a mixture of nerves and excitement. Side note: I’m just going to say it’s never the right time and you never are in a “good place” financially when things like this come along. You just have to say screw it and throw caution to the wind.

Moment 2: I spend my days counting down the seconds until that first day of teacher training. I wonder who’s in my class, if I should start reading Fire Starters yet… should I buy multi colored highlighters to take notes?? Will everyone like me???— Duh … it’s yoga teacher training… we all accept each other…. Right?

Moment 3: It’s the very first day of training. Holy sh*t it’s happening. Okay it’s happening, stay calm. Time to take class before we all meet.

Moment 4: We are meeting each other for the first time. My heart is racing. We are going around in a circle and introducing ourselves  and I’m FREAKING out (silently of course). But the more people introduce themselves the more I begin to realize “wait all these people are just like me”. Nerves and everything. I think back now at this moment and I remember everyone’s faces being so new…we are all such family now it’s crazy.

Moment 5: Oh my gosh Ashtanga.. is so HARD …. It hurts so good.

Moment 6: Johnna is feeding my soul right now … should I cry or is it too early? 

Moment 7: My TT group is the best. No question. We are all friends. I have friends now… REAL friends.. the genuine kind that will listen when I speak… I feel surrounded by freaking awesome people.

Moment 8: Tanner’s laugh is louder than a nuclear bomb…. but he does know more about science & anatomy more than anyone I’ve ever met crap I gotta take notes… WHERE ARE MY MULTI COLORED HIGHLIGHTERS?!?!

Moment 9: The psoas is a core muscle that connects the lumbar vertebrae to the femur. It is the largest and strongest muscle in a group of muscles called the hip flexor complex. All together those muscles contract which makes the thigh and torso come together.  

Moment 10: I’m crying. I love these people. I’m having a breakthrough. Johnna hold me please.

Moment 11: We are practice teaching and assisting…. I’m going to give the wrong cue and accidentally touch someones butt in a weird way… it’s okay though cause I have my TT fam.

Moment 12: I assisted my first class and I am ON FIRE. Wow I’m so good…. Kind of.

Moment 13: I got together with a group of my TT’s to practice assisting and teaching. Which is what we did… for 30 minutes… and then spent four hours sharing stories, laughing and eating way too much chips and salsa. Afterwards we all went and took Kari’s 6pm together… we did not chair twist it thanks to the chips and salsa.

Moment 14: We’re split into groups of three to teach our very own classes at Y2. Now I have to go beg my friends and family to give yoga a chance. Do they not understand what they are missing???

Moment 15: I look back at these last few months and realize I did what I never thought I could do. Not only learn how to teach people to flow (#OfficiallyAYogaTeacher), but I took a risk. I signed up for the unknown. I was vulnerable, I showed this group of fantastic people not only my strengths, but my weaknesses and they accepted all of it. II learned how to accept myself and strive for better things. I finally learned what Warrior One is in Sanskrit. I learned to chase after what sets my soul on fire. I learned that I am worth taking time for myself.

I learned that it takes 10,000 hours to be truly great at something, but only one amazing decision to help me realize that I can.

To end my little “moments” story I will leave you with a few things that might help you with your decision to take this program if you are on the fence:

  1. I gave you a list of 15 moments. There were so many more moments I have with me from this time of my life. I didn’t give them all to you because there are a million, but I also think it would be great for you to discover these moments in your own way in your teacher training, if you decide to take the leap.
  2. The people in my teacher training group, are extremely important to me forever even though we all went on to do different things. 2 women in my group started a family both having kids, 1 woman is LITERALLY traveling the world as we speak, another girl is studying abroad, one guy just got a new job working in finance, one girl is an assistant to a big time Charlotte realtor and just now auditioned to become a teacher at Y2 (we are 2017 graduates), as for me, I am teaching. You’ve probably seen me around the studio (I live and breathe y2), I am also a personal trainer.
  3. I would not be where I am or who I am without taking these months to hash it out with myself, Johnna, Tanner, and my magnificent fellow teacher trainee’s. I did all the cheesy things. I laughed, I cried, I had a mental breakdown and a mental breakthrough, I grew, I challenged myself, and thanked myself every single day for taking that crazy, stupid, untimely risk, and clicked the sign up button on this website.

About Mallory Marie

Mallory is a graduate of our 200-Hr Advanced Yoga Studies class of 2017. After graduating, she taught at Melting Point Yoga in Huntersville, NC for 4 months prior to becoming one of our rockstar instructors at Y2. Currently Mallory teaches at Y2 Yoga and Savoy Apartments. Mallory's mission behind teaching is to help people remember how incredible they are and to make them feel good - both inside and out.