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Your Very Own Holiday Survival Guide

December 3, 2019 Posted by Y2 Yoga Blog

Ahhh, Christmas

The only time of the year you can sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of a sock.

Christmas is filled with such magical times. But you can’t have a holly jolly Christmas without the stresses of holiday shopping, family coming in to town, long lines to meet Santa, hours of wrapping gifts, and getting a stomach ache from all the gingerbread houses, hot chocolate, cookies, and more you will continue to consume throughout the month of December. Here are a few tips and thoughts you need to keep in mind to make sure your holidays are perfect (well… close to perfect).

  1. Remember that you are NOT Santa Clause. You don’t have 8 reindeer, you can’t eat every single cookie someone puts out, and you also don’t have millions of elves creating all the gifts for the good girls and boys. Chill out on the gift giving. Don’t go overboard. KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). PLUS – good cold hard cash is still king.  If you can’t think of something actually worth spending money on, then what you’re buying probably sucks and you should just give the lucky recipient an Amazon Gift Card and admit that your judgement is compromised. Just tell them you’re letting them decide their own fate. You’re welcome.
  2. Don’t let family members visit with pets. Especially if you have pets too. Our favorite way to achieve conveying this little message to the fam is by asking that, as your gift for the holidays, you want them to pay for a pet sitter, and not bring their furry companions.  Hopefully, they get the not-so-subtle message and choose to bring just themselves.  It’s a Win-Win! Why? Because you don’t have to deal with the extra fur, noise, and inevitable puddle of pee that happens because they get SOOO excited, and your family is rewarded with a less stressed and more pleasant version of you.  It’s not selfish when it’s really you offering them the gift of not being a complete a**h*le when they visit, isn’t it? 😉
  3. Be grateful for the ugly Christmas sweaters, and socks you will receive this year. We all get them. We all have to put on that enthusiastic face and say thank you after opening a pair of socks or better yet, underwear. Appreciate the gesture and move on. Lastly, ugly Christmas sweaters should be fun to wear during the holidays; they are festive and you don’t have to put much thought into your outfit.  *Hacker Alert: just treat these precious gems like wearable gift cards that you can return for something that is more palatable than horizontal tinsel stripes complete with (literally) ball ornaments as if you are supposed to actually be a living breathing walking Christmas Tree!
  4. You can always run off to Y2. We don’t close… EVER!  If there is one time that people want to workout, it’s when they are not working and have time too.  Are we right, or are we right? We think we’re right! Come visit us, flow, sweat, breathe, chill (or, rather melt).
  5. Enjoy this time. The holidays are such an amazing time. The festive decorations, the gifts, the food, the family. it is all good. You will miss it when it’s gone. Soak up the holiday cheer.


Namaste, Y2 Yoga


ps.  If you celebrate some other holiday like Hanakah or Eid al-Fitr, then please know that we are not dogmatic about Christmas AT ALL, it’s just a lot easier to find decorations… and we’re lazy. We love, appreciate, and respect our diverse community of yogis!  As soon as the decoration thing gets easier for some other holiday, then we will switch teams in a heart beat! 🙏🏼

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