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At Y2 Yoga, we’re anything but ordinary. Dive into our signature power classes and embrace a yoga experience that perfectly blends cardio, strength, and flexibility. With our carefully curated playlists, every session is an adventure – one that’s as motivating and inspiring as it is fun. Here, challenges transform into triumphs. By learning to navigate your practice with us, you’ll find yourself navigating life with newfound confidence and grace.

Ready to see where three weeks can take you?

Y2 has been my absolute favorite home away from home for self care, movement, challenging “workouts”, inspiration and learning. The instructors are fantastic, highly experienced and the atmosphere with music and challenging flow is an awesome fit for me. The fellow students are also what inspired me from the very first class. 

Every single time I walk out of Y2, I’m stronger, more centered, more light and joyful. Thank you, Y2 family.

-Cathy Maday

I love the flow, intensity, and challenge at Y2. I can’t find those same qualities at other local yoga studios. While some might say it doesn’t offer your traditional slow yoga, this is what I like and works for me. I’ve been a member for over 2 years and it has helped me lose weight and maintain my core strength for my physically-demanding job. 

-Tina Insixiengmay

Absolutely love Y2. I struggled for a long time finding a “workout” I enjoyed. You name it I’ve probably tried it and lasted maybe 6 months. I’d tried hot yoga in another city and enjoyed it but never made it routine, a friend brought me here 4 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s fast paced, challenging, and motivating and I leave refreshed and calmer than when I started. I’ve learned so much not just with yoga but about myself. I’ve tried a couple different classes other places (one highly talked about chain that was nothing but disappointing) and always leave thinking that was it? Nothing compares to the the instructors, the facilities, the assists, complimentary hand towels, and the details at y2. You don’t get that other places!

-Melanie Day

Y2 Yoga offers three state-of-the-art yoga studios with great amenities, super teachers and plenty of classes offered for a variety of skill levels.


  • Heated Studios
  • Heated and non-heated at our Cotswold location.
  • Commercial Grade Humidifier
  • Mens locker room with showers
  • Womens locker room with showers
  • Surround Sound Stereo System
  • Ice Machine

Three Welcoming Locations, One Yoga Family

Located in Charlotte, NC and Ft Mill, SC- Our hot studios are HOT (just like we like them) and our music is booming (so you can’t hear your thoughts). We aren’t your typical yoga studio- and we like it that way. Let go and flow.

Or as we like to say it: