Fall is here and we are excited about getting upside down again!

Flight Club workshop series is up and ready for booking!

Join Sarah and Turkessa for a fun and confidence boosting flight club. This year we’ll be focusing on all types of arm-balances, giving you an inside look at the anatomy of being upside down, the skills and drills to build the strength and stability to take flight, finally guiding you through a traditional flow with arm balancing variations.

October 14, 15 and 16

Participate in one, two or all three days.

Friday, October 14 6-8pm: Day 1 will focus on the fundamentals and foundational tools needed for arm balancing.

Saturday, October 15 3:30-5:30pm: Day 2 will give you all the skills and drills you need to build strength and to find balance upside down.

Sunday, October 16 3:30-5:30pm: Day 3 will be all about incorporating inversions into your practice, and learning to transition with ease into the next posture.

And YES it truly is all levels. It will be helpful to have a working knowledge of some yoga, calisthenics or strength practice (calling all movers here) but we will start from square 1 and take you to YOUR limits! If you have participated in fight club before, come back for more! The learning never ends!

$49 for each day or $129 for all 3 days.