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Music to Motivate

Sometimes, music is the only cure. Staring November 1st, we will begin our annual 62 Day Challenge. We challenge you to take 62 classes in 62 days. Or, 31...

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The Best Ways to Get Into the Halloween Spirit

Time flies… especially this time of year. Don’t blink or you’ll miss out of some of the most amazing things coming our way (aka all holidays leading up to...

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Halloween Playlist

***Just want the playlist? Scroll all the way to the bottom!*** “Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.” – Arthur Doyle Halloween is one of America’s top...

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Reasons To Challenge Yourself #Motivation

Challenging yourself is healthy. Believe it or not, pain (sometimes) is a good thing. Setting a goal for yourself, working through it, and completing it, is amazing for your...

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Another Playlist for the Days You Can’t Flow With Us

When your schedule conflicts with your yoga practice:   Is this happening to you? If it is, or ever does, scroll below and save this playlist. It’s specifically created...

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Friday’s and Good Music

Exact representation of how we all react to Friday’s:   Today be grateful for friends, family, each breath you take, and this really awesome playlist. Peace, Y2

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