All it takes to be bad ass at yoga is showing up and doing the work‼️

The 2022 62 Day Challenge is just weeks away.

Don’t wait for the New Year to commit to crushing your yoga practice. Join us beginning November 1st and enter the New Year as the best version of YOU 💪🏽

Just like our offerings in class…there are options! The FULL challenge = 62 classes in 62 Days. The HALF challenge = 31 yoga classes in 62 Days.


FULL: $49*/HALF: $29*

*cost does not include passes to practice

👊 Each participant gets a limited edition Y2 Yoga Challenge Shirt and each yogi who completes the challenge a gift card for the entry price. People this is a no brainer! Do the yoga: basically get a free shirt!

PLUS, Complete the FULL Challenge and be entered to win 1 year of unlimited yoga!

Complete the HALF Challenge and be entered to win 6 mnths of unlimited yoga!

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