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First class?

* How can I be prepared for my first class?

      *Arrive at the studio 15 minutes before class starts. Bring your photo ID along with a cell for account verification, mat, towel, water bottle, and optional lock. Wear fitted moisture wicking clothes. For specific safety standards in your studio, check out your studio’s detail page to learn more.

* Are there tips for taking your first class at Y2?

Class Formats

* I can’t touch my toes, which class should I take?

      * This is one of the most common question we get. The absolute truth is that you can take ANY class at Y2 whether you are a beginner or more advanced.  The real question is, what will make you feel more comfortable?  For some students they love to just dive in and become immersed in the experience and love the challenge of figuring it out as they go along.  This is a great way to look at yoga in general and vibes perfectly with Y2’s culture of having fun and taking the practice seriously, but not ourselves. 

         For other students that prefer a slower pace and an easier class we recommend our Half Shot classes or our Long, Slow, Deep classes (aka LSD).  If heat is your concern them some of our locations offer Not So Hot Single Shot classes. 

* My nickname is gumby, which class should I take?

       * Great, then you are ready to jump right in!  Our signature Single and Double Shot classes are right up your alley!  If you need to take a step further then look for Super Flow on the schedule and that will be your new best friend!

$39  3 Week New Student Special

* Am I eligible for the 3 Week New Student Special?

       *  If you have never visited Y2 Yoga then you are eligible to purchase it. Limit one per person.

*  How do I purchase the 3 Week New Student Special?

     * The 3 Week New Student Special can be purchased through our website, Y2 Yoga app, or in person. This option will not be visible for purchase if you have already purchased it in the past.

*  When does my 3 Week membership begin?

     * The 3 weeks begins at the moment you make your purchase?

* How many times can I attend classes?

     * You may attend UNLIMITED classes during your 3 Week New Student Special.

*  What is included with my 3 Week New Student Special?

    * In addition to UNLIMITED classes you will receive a free mat and yoga towel rental FREE each day that you practice during your 3 week membership.

* Am I signing up for a membership?

    * No, this is a trial membership and does not automatically enroll you into any further commitments with us.  Your card will still be held on file for your convenience to make purchases for drinks or other incidentals.

* Will I have access to LIVE Virtual classes online?

    * Yes. Our LIVE virtual classes are included with the 3 Week New Student Special.

*Will I have access to Y2’s library of Videos On Demand?

    *  No.  Y2’s Video On Demand Library is a separate membership and can be purchased here. There is a 3 FREE day trial available to new members. 

Mobile App

What’s New and Improved?

      * One Login for Website and App: Quickly browse and book studio and livestream classes Improved Account                          Management: Updating your account and membership details is simpler than ever!  

    *Join Live Classes with a Click: Join Live classes directly from the class schedule or within your profile  

    * Customize Schedules: Save your favorite filters to customize an experience just for you 

How do I download the app?

    * Here is the link to download our app on Apple iOS device.

    * Here is the link to download our app on Google Android devices.

Can I purchase a membership or class passes on the app?

    * Yes, you can make purchases on the app for memberships and class passes. 

Can I update my credit card on file on the app?

    * Yes, you can update your card on file by click on the Account tab found on the bottom right and then by selecting Billing at the top.  

Y2’s Flow

The Practice

  *What if I am not flexible?

       * Then you should probably practice yoga… Most peoples mobility has been compromised due to habitual sitting for school, work, driving, etc… In addition, most exercise programs that people follow do not place an emphasis on flexibility.  The goal of yoga is to get out of your head and into your own body.  You do not have to be flexible to achieve these goals and to reap the benefits that they offer. Flexibility and stability are side effects of yoga, as is mobility.  Yoga literally makes everything else that you may do physically and mentally a little easier. 

  *How are classes at Y2 different from other yoga studios?

      * The classes at Y2 were formulated by its Founder, Tanner Bazemore.  Tanner has spent over 2 decades in the fitness industry.  Each class follows the protocols that he put into place to ensure students are warmed up properly, get their heart rates up, but move safely through the sequences.  Every class consistently follows these methods regardless of who is teaching class.  While other studios claim to flow hard, we guarantee that we flow harder. 

      Our studios are beautifully designed to maintain the home base feel of a small studio but offer the amenities of a high end health club. Each studio has men and women locker rooms with multiple showers to accommodate our students busy lives. 

      All of our teachers receive rigorous training specifically in how to teach the classes at Y2 the way they are supposed to be taught.  Every teacher is mentored by another existing teacher to ensure that deliver the same awesome experience our students have come to expect.

      Finally, we have tons of classes everyday so there is bound to be one that fits your schedule.  If by some chance you can’t make it in then that’s problem.  You can join us virtually from anywhere in the world with your mobile device or computer. 

  *  What are the benefits of practicing yoga?

      So many!


Physical fitness: Yoga helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. Regular practice can enhance overall physical fitness, increase muscle tone, and improve posture.


Stress reduction: Yoga incorporates breathing exercises and meditation, which can promote relaxation and reduce stress. It encourages mindfulness and helps calm the mind, leading to a sense of peace and tranquility.

Increased energy and vitality: Yoga practices, such as Sun Salutations and dynamic sequences, can boost energy levels and improve overall vitality. Regular yoga practice can leave you feeling rejuvenated and invigorated.


Improved mental well-being: Yoga has been shown to have a positive impact on mental health. It can reduce anxiety, depression, and symptoms of stress. The combination of physical movement, breath awareness, and mindfulness can contribute to improved emotional well-being.


Better focus and concentration: Yoga requires concentration and focus on the present moment. The practice of mindful awareness can enhance mental clarity, improve focus, and enhance cognitive function.

Enhanced flexibility and joint health: Yoga postures (asanas) involve stretching and elongating the muscles, which can increase flexibility and improve joint mobility. Regular practice can help prevent injuries and alleviate muscle tension.


Cardiovascular health: Certain forms of yoga, such as Vinyasa or Power Yoga, can provide a cardiovascular workout that strengthens the heart and improves cardiovascular health. It can help lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.


Improved sleep quality: Yoga promotes relaxation and reduces stress, which can contribute to better sleep quality. Developing a regular yoga practice can help you unwind and prepare your body and mind for a restful night’s sleep.

* Will my heart rate go up?

  It depends on the class that you take. On a scale of 1-10 our LSD class would rank around a 3 in terms of increasing your heart rate. LSD is more of a relaxing class where the postures are held longer and students move slower. Our Non Heated Single Shot class would rank a 5-6. All of our heated classes would rank between a 7-10, with Super Flow being ranked at the top. At Y2 classes are designed with getting your heart rate up in mind which is why we practice a form of High Intensity Training while we flow. This method entails periods of maximum exertion followed by brief periods of rest to bring the heart rate down. This is repeated over and over again throughout the class until the end when students are brought down to the floor. All classes were designed with making sure that students get the biggest bang for the buck and their time. Just one class at Y2 will be enough exercise for the day even if you are an exercise fanatic!

 *  How long does it take to get good at yoga?

    “Getting good” at yoga can mean different things to different people.  The first few classes new students take are always the same no matter where they practice yoga:  they have no idea what they are doing and they have to look around the room half the time just to keep up.  That’s completely normal.  We tell all students that if they are new to Y2 then it will take 3-4 classes before they can expect to no the terminology and will start to recognize the patterns.  When you have reached your 10th practice you will feel like a completely new person.  Between 10-20 classes your progress will be exponential.  After that progress can be seen in months for the first year and after that it will take months and years to notice changes.  Yoga is not meant to be something that is mastered in a period of a couple of years, but over the course of your whole life.  We encourage students to have a playful heart and to have fun.  Proficiency in yoga is not just measured by how your postures look, but by the quality of your breath, how you feel on your mat and how you feel off of your mat. The postures are just a path to finding more peace and connection with your self and with others.  

Here is a fun story…

    There was a story of a man that gave up everything in pursuit of getting “really good” at yoga. He sold everything and moved to India to study with a guru.  After a practice one morning he asked the guru “how long until I get really good at yoga”?  The guru replied, “about 10 years.”  The man told the guru, “I have given up everything and I will practice twice a day.  How long then? The guru replied, “about 10 years.”   The man told the guru, “I don’t think you understand. I will practice 3 and 4 times a day if I have to.  How long will it take me then?” The guru replied, “about 20 years.” 

     The moral of the story is that your can’t rush your practice and if you try to then it will have the opposite effect of progress and likely lead to injury, so take your time and enjoy the journey. 

  * How often should I practice?

     Practicing once a week will help you to maintain the flexibility you already have. 

     Practicing 2-3 times a week will lead to growth.

     Practicing 4 or more times a week will lead to radical transformation.

  *  How do I know if I am ready for a Double Shot?

     There is no prerequisite to taking a Double Shot.  The difference is a few minutes of extra standing poses versus a Single Shot.  Students can take breaks whenever they like.  If a Double Shot is scheduled at a time that works for your schedule then we encourage you to dive right in and do what makes you feel good and skip the rest. Yoga is not a competition and is not meant to beat you up.  Embrace challenge and reap the benefits.

*  How do I know if I am ready for Super Flow?

     There is no prerequisite to taking a Super Flow.  While there is additional standing flow in this class there are breaks built in.  Students can take breaks whenever they like.  If Super Flow is scheduled at a time that works for your schedule then we encourage you to dive right in and do what makes you feel good and skip the rest.  Yoga is not a competition and is not meant to beat you up.  Embrace challenge and reap the benefits.

Following your   * What if I have an injury?
    If you have an injury then you should consult your doctor for advise as to what activity is right for you.  Your doctor may recommend modifying your practice.  Before practicing please make sure that you have clear instructions from your doctor.  Following your doctors recommendations are the students sole responsibility and not the responsibility have Y2 Yoga.

  * Yoga Terms

      * What does “Namaste” mean?

          Namaste is a Sanskrit word commonly used in India as a greeting and show of respect.  It’s literal interpretation is “I bow to you” but this translation and its intention is often expanded upon by those that use it.  

        The Namaste Prayer is one example of this expanded interpretation.

        I honor the place in you in which the whole universe resides.

        I honor the place of love, light and peace.

       When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me we are truly one.


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