Class Descriptions

Long, Slow, Deep (LSD)

This class is a trip. If you watch people practically float out of the studio in a state of euphoria, they’ve probably just left LSD. This deep-stretch, restorative class is appropriate for all levels. You’ll start with a gentle vinyasa flow to warm the body up before coming to the floor to explore the depths of the body’s flexibility with long (3- to 5-minute) holds of each pose.

Prenatal Yoga

Moms-to-be find that prenatal yoga is an excellent way to strengthen the body and prepare the mind for the childbirth. No previous experience with yoga is required! Classes are specifically designed to target many common discomforts of pregnancy with postures focused on stretching and strengthening the legs, lower back, belly, and pelvic floor muscles, as well as creating space in the hips and sacrum. We will also explore the breath to create release, relaxation, and focus.


A physical flow practice is just the tip of the greater yoga iceberg. Balance an intense asana practice with an equally powerful mental practice. In this class you’ll quiet the mind and calm the senses with breathing and visualization techniques. This is a discounted class.

Y2 101

New to yoga? This is a great place to start. While this class emphasizes the fundamentals of an asana practice for the beginner, it is also designed to meet the needs of more advanced yogis looking for deepen their practice with correct alignment of the postures and proper breathing techniques.

Y2 Single Shot

Much like its creator, this intelligently designed flow is structured but unpredictable. This is a chaturanga-free class featuring a signature 14-pose sequence, core work, backbends, inversions, and floor work that strengthens the body and focuses the mind. It’s a set series of 14 poses, yes, but these are not the only poses in the class. As such, no two classes ever feel the same, and we keep you on your toes thanks to each teacher’s unique style of pose transitions, modifications and additions.(Old Class Name: HOT)

Y2 Double Shot

Kick it up a notch with this fast-paced flow. We double up the standing series giving you a chance to tackle every pose twice, adding in modifications or variations as is appropriate for your own personal practice. This class is cardiovascularly intense so we harness the power of the breath to slow you down but fire your practice up. Expect to move with your breath, crank out some core work, and settle in to a hard-earned savasana at the end.(Old Class Name: Hot Vinyasa Fast)

Y2 Twilight Flow

Slow down and settle in to your practice with this mellow, late-evening class
. You’ll move through the standing series just once, allowing you time to align your posture, breath and mind. Whether you’re heading out for the night or straight to bed, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready for anything. (Old Class Name: Hot Vinyasa Slow)

Y2 Kids

Designed just for kids 4 – 10 years old in mind! Yoga classes are playful but have a definite structure in place to keep everyone safe and learning. Kids might link up their trees into forests and their chair and tabletop poses into complete kitchen sets from time to time, but they will learn the fundamentals of yoga poses, learn to collaborate, & cooperate, Kids who practice yoga experience greater focus, feel healthier and happier & have an overall increase in the well-being. (Old Class Name: Kids Yoga)

Y2 Remix

Mix it up in this all-levels, mixed-bag vinyasa class. We let our teachers’ personalities and skill sets shine here by giving them free reign to remix our 14-pose series and sequence it any way they see fit. The cooler temperature of this class makes it appealing to beginner hot yoga students but is certainly challenging enough for more advanced practitioners.(Old Class Name: Power Mixed)

Y2 Remix & Rebuild

A spin on our remix class. Beginner to advanced practitioners will find that this class is an excellent way to build a better practice by learning essentials for a strong foundation with a focus on form and function. Each class will build to explore a specific muscle group or a peak posture.

Y2 Remix II

Intermediate practitioners looking to advance their practice will enjoy this advanced practice. The class will focus on a unique flow that leads you to a different pinnacle pose each week, including intermediate inversions, arm balances, and backbends not usually accessible in a standard class.

Y2 Remix Om

Our Remix class with a brief meditation at the end of class.

Y2 Superflow®

Let it flow. Intermediate yogis looking to push beyond their physical limits find their way to this intense, vinyasa-style class with core work, backbends and floor work. The pace is fast, and instruction is minimal so a good understanding of asana is encouraged. This class is designed to challenge your endurance, cardiovascular system, and mental control with a cleverly designed triple flow sequence: (Round 1) standard poses (Round 2) advanced variation options (Round 3) rapid flow, one breath per movement.


Good Karma
We believe yoga should be accessible to anyone, which is why we’re proud to offer discounted classes 7 days a week. Our Good Karma classes are taught by the same teachers you’ll find in our full-price classes for a fraction of the cost (half off!).
Each month we select a different local charity to support with our Dharma Initiative. Dharma classes are donation-based and all proceeds benefit the charity of the month. (Sundays 5:15pm)
As a Yoga Alliance teaching studio, we are proud to train some of the best teachers in Charlotte and beyond. But since we know everyone has to start somewhere, we are happy to offer a space for recent graduates of our program to grow as teachers. Clients can expect the same Y2-approved class since even new teachers adhere to our standard of excellence. (TBA in late spring after next graduation!)