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How To Keep Calm

Life is so much easier when you just chill out. We promise! With all the buzz going around about COVID-19, we thought it might be a good time to...

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We Asked You

What Makes Y2 Special? Our mission is to provide you with fast, heat building, challenging, and fun yoga. We’ve got a bold approach, and pride ourselves in our philosophy...

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What’s Your Mantra

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Rose Are Red…

Violets are blue, If you gift these things on Valentine’s Day, Your loved one will most likely leave you. Expired coupons. Nothing says my love for you has expired...

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Change Things Up This Valentine’s Day

Are You Excited For Valentine’s Day?!? Still unsure whether or not this holiday will be worth even recognizing? Single or not, we got a little creative and made a...

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How to Survive the Heat

Yoga is already challenging in itself. Even though that’s true, we have all somehow found a way to make it even more difficult… yet more awesome. It does feel...

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