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Why Men Hesitate to Practice Yoga and Why They Shouldn’t

Ahhhhh Yoga. Basically a slow type dance class that involves instrumental, peaceful music, OMing half the time, and stretching 99.9999999999999% of the time. Right?? WRONG … (especially at Y2)...

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Amazon Prime 2019

We’ve gone through ALL of the deals and hand selected these gems to get a steal on and reasons WHY they are worth the splurge! ENJOY!  

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7 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Practice

Consider yourself warned….. Here are 7 things you should NEVER…. we repeat…. NEVER do before yoga. Rush. The whole point of getting your practice in is to find space...

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Party in the USA 2019

We know Fourth of July is over. However, let the party continue. Why stop the fun???? “Never give up. Never stop believing. Never stop fighting.” – Hope Hicks It’s...

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10 Dumb Things People Do on the Fourth of July

4th of July is THE major summer holiday. It’s a great excuse to bring family and friends together, grill out, and play with explosives. We shall wear American Flag...

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Songs For Friday

Before you clock out of work, hit the bars, get drunk, lose your phone, and possibly get arrested, we’d like to wish you a happy Friday.  No matter what...

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