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Facing The Heat Once Again

There's nothing like our heat and humidity combo here at Y2. But after a 5 month hiatus due to COVID-19, it might feel like you've never faced this amount...

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Benefits of Wearing a Mask During Yoga

We have opened our doors! It’s exciting, yes! However, we have brand new guidelines in place to keep our staff and all of you safe so we can continue...

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Quarantine Quoted Perfectly

We know, you’re probably sick of quarantine by now. However, staying positive and finding a way to laugh through this can be the best way to make the time...

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5 Ways To Change Up Your Flow

Feel like you’re running in place? Going in circles? Even if you aren’t bored in quarantine yet, changing things up in the smallest way can help a ton. You’ll...

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16 Celebrities That Live And Breathe Yoga

Yes, celebrities live some extravagant amazing lives. They have their own glam squad, bodyguards, fancy cars, assistants, and are probably quarantined in their huge a** mansions right now. However,...

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5 Ways to Stay Positive

It seems like we’ve been in “uncertain times” for way too long. You might soon come to think that there is no end in sight. However, the trick is...

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