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Patience Young Grasshopper

“Be patient. Some things take time.” If only it were that easy, right? Now that we’ve all got a whiff of the possibility things might go *slightly* back to...

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Just Yoga – Nothing Else

Yoga, for a lot of people, isn’t considered *just* a workout. It’s a lot more. It can be super challenging, yet fun at the same time. We know for...

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How To Not Lose Your Sh*t During Quarantine

How’s it going? We know we ask that a lot, but we’re curious, and we care about you! These days, it’s difficult to tell exactly what day of the...

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Shut Up & Flow pt. Deux

Right now the world faces an unimaginable crisis: millions are sick, more than a hundred thousand have died, the economy has tanked, and the unemployment rate could hit 30%....

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Shut Up & Flow pt. 1

Does that offend you? Do your panties get all in a wad over it? Do you like gladiator movies? Do you wish the owner of your yoga studio was...

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How To Create The Perfect HEATED At Home Yoga Studio

Step 1. Pick a room. Do you have any room you can think of that you don’t use very often? Can’t think of one? Get creative. When’s the last...

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