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5 Ways To Change Up Your Flow

Feel like you’re running in place? Going in circles? Even if you aren’t bored in quarantine yet, changing things up in the smallest way can help a ton. You’ll...

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16 Celebrities That Live And Breathe Yoga

Yes, celebrities live some extravagant amazing lives. They have their own glam squad, bodyguards, fancy cars, assistants, and are probably quarantined in their huge a** mansions right now. However,...

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5 Ways to Stay Positive

It seems like we’ve been in “uncertain times” for way too long. You might soon come to think that there is no end in sight. However, the trick is...

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Patience Young Grasshopper

“Be patient. Some things take time.” If only it were that easy, right? Now that we’ve all got a whiff of the possibility things might go *slightly* back to...

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Just Yoga – Nothing Else

Yoga, for a lot of people, isn’t considered *just* a workout. It’s a lot more. It can be super challenging, yet fun at the same time. We know for...

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How To Not Lose Your Sh*t During Quarantine

How’s it going? We know we ask that a lot, but we’re curious, and we care about you! These days, it’s difficult to tell exactly what day of the...

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