How are classes at Y2 different from other yoga studios?

The classes at Y2 were formulated by its Founder, Tanner Bazemore.  Tanner has spent over 2 decades in the fitness industry.  Each class follows the protocols that he put into place to ensure students are warmed up properly, get their heart rates up, but move safely through the sequences.  Every class consistently follows these methods regardless of who is teaching class.  While other studios claim to flow hard, we guarantee that we flow harder.

Our studios are beautifully designed to maintain the home base feel of a small studio but offer the amenities of a high end health club. Each studio has men and women locker rooms with multiple showers to accommodate our students busy lives.

All of our teachers receive rigorous training specifically in how to teach the classes at Y2 the way they are supposed to be taught.  Every teacher is mentored by another existing teacher to ensure that deliver the same awesome experience our students have come to expect.


Finally, we have tons of classes everyday so there is bound to be one that fits your schedule.  If by some chance you can’t make it in then that’s problem.  You can join us virtually from anywhere in the world with your mobile device or computer.

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