Will my heart rate go up?

It depends on the class that you take. On a scale of 1-10 our LSD class would rank around a 3 in terms of increasing your heart rate. LSD is more of a relaxing class where the postures are held longer and students move slower. Our Non Heated Single Shot class would rank a 5-6. All of our heated classes would rank between a 7-10, with Super Flow being ranked at the top. At Y2 classes are designed with getting your heart rate up in mind which is why we practice a form of High Intensity Training while we flow. This method entails periods of maximum exertion followed by brief periods of rest to bring the heart rate down. This is repeated over and over again throughout the class until the end when students are brought down to the floor. All classes were designed with making sure that students get the biggest bang for the buck and their time. Just one class at Y2 will be enough exercise for the day even if you are an exercise fanatic!

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